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Our Dogs


Pamlico's Archer, is the best dog on earth, according to his young master. He is very easy-going, smart, and loves kids. He entertains himself with toys for hours and is very sociable. He is a medium-sized multi-generational Australian labradoodle. His coat is a beautiful soft red fleece. 

Duke is a loyal and family friendly boy. He is very patient and gentle with children. He loves to play fetch and is a joy to his family. He is a multi-generational standard size Doubledoodle. His coat is a soft silver and gray wool. 


Pamlico's Bennington, affectionately known as “the original doodle”, is an F1b standard labradoodle.


What this means in terms of genetic makeup is that he hails from a standard poodle, the mother in his case, and a labradoodle. This breeding makes him roughly 75% poodle and 25% labrador.


Bennington has always been a fast learner, eager to please and very intuitive. With his wool apricot coat and his affectionate nature he is responsible for making us forever ‘doodle fans!

Pamlico's Basil joined us in 2019 and has been a blessing to our home with her warm personality and sweet nature.


She is a rare lavender doodle whose coat has lavender hints in the right light. It is curly, full and very beautiful.

We look forward to seeing more of her in the world. Her first litter is due in the winter of 2020. 


Pamlico's Blythe was our pick of Bennington and Bella’s second litter. A multi-gen standard labradoodle, she has an ultra-soft, blonde fleece coat and heart-warming chocolate eyes.

She and her mom are inseparable gals who keep each other occupied like the best of friends

Pamlico's Honor (retired), aka Mako, is one of the latest additions to the Pamlico Labradoodles family and he has sired Blythe's last three litters. Honor resides in New Bern with his guardian family who adore him.

He is a multi-generational standard labradoodle. He has a beautiful caramel and white coat with markings on his legs.


He is a spunky, energetic and sweet boy and we’re very excited to see how his addition to the next generations turns out!

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