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About Us

Ed & Tonna Watson

Ed and Tonna Watson portrait

Over our 48 years of marriage, through three kids and several grandkids, we’ve had many, many pets. There has always been a dog and a cat present at minimum. At maximum, there have been dogs, cats, squirrels, chickens, ducks, geese, a ferret, a hamster or two and, well, you get the picture. We’ve had many breeds of dogs from Beagles to Great Pyrenees and, while we’ve loved them all, none has quite endeared us as much as our first labradoodle, Bennington.

In fact, so taken with Bennington were we that we decided the world needed more like him. Over the past 10 years we’ve gotten to know some more labradoodles, we’ve adopted a few more, gotten to raise them and see our desire to share their wonder with other families fulfilled. We’re so glad that you’ve decided to look into the breed and we’re excited for you to adopt one into your family.

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