About the Breed

                         is not content to be just an accessory to your home, they will become a loving part of it. They are an ever-happy presence, eager to be the life of the party and entertain, but also happy to simply be in the presence of their pack (Labradoodle speak for family).

A labradoodle

A planned cross between the Labrador and the Standard Poodle, the Labradoodle has become a wildly popular breed for many reasons.


Among those reasons:

*Smart and sociable

*Superb intelligence and affectionate nature, lending themselves well to being developed as guide dogs

*Get along well with other dogs

*Low to no shedding

*Love  kids

*Friendly to visitors in your home

*Lovable with LOTS of personality

*Easy to train and eager to please

*Active and require moderate exercise but, suitable for apartment dwellers


*Crave human attention and want to be inside with family whenever possible

*Gentle and mild mannered

*Retain puppy cute looks even as adult

*Most love water and are good swimmers


The Family Member You Choose!